Music is a passion of mine I cant live without.”-K.Mitch

          Kelvin Mitchell AKA K.Mitch was born November 18, 1987 in San Bernadino, CA. Growing up living with his grandmother music was his first love. Whether writing, singing, or rapping music has always been a part of K.Mitch’s life- even while pursuing other avenues.

          While on a basketball scholarship at University of Denver in 2007 K.Mitch was introduced to music producer Shervin Bunch. He signed to his label Wazdown Records that same year. Wanting to continue his collegiate basketball career K.Mitch was forced to transfer to East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. His music also began to gain more exposure.

          As K.Mitch’s immense potential and talent continued to show it possessed him to pursue music full time. In 2008 he was opening shows for Slim Thug, E40, and Twista just to name a few. Also that year K.Mitch’s first album “True Testimony” was released. “True Testimony” earned nominations by The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for the 2010 Grammy Awards in the following categories: Best Rap Solo Performance, Best Sung Collaboration (Featuring T Black), and Best Rap Song.

          In 2011 K.Mitch found his home in Pittsburgh, PA with his then label Wazdown Records. Making pit stops in Dallas before finally settling back in his hometown of  Houston all along the way he steadily continued building his fan base with his poetic flow, strong vocals, and killer hooks. K.Mitch has been spending his time since then going strong on Big Heff Tour’s, radio appearances, and in the studio non stop making music.

          In 2016 his current single “4 Lanez” is quickly garnering national attention and radio play. It has been the “hot pick” on such medias as Starfleet Music Pool and K.Mitch hailed as the artist to watch. “4 Lanez” is just a glimpse of what to expect from K.Mitch’s new EP “No More Wishing” which dropped in 2017. This past year K.Mitch has also spent time expanding different ventures and started a brand that is reflective of his beliefs; rather than trying to “blend in” being an outlier to the  “in crowd” is the optimal position to become triumphant.

          The OutCrowd or TOC is meant to encourage out of the box thinking, and choosing the road less traveled to reach success. Using his life experiences as the inspiration to feed his lyrical creativity, his smooth vocals, and ever growing determination to promote forward thinking, K.Mitch is making his name known in Hip Hop music.